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English Collins Dictionary - English Definition & Thesaurus. See also: exegetical, exegetic, energetically, exegetics. Add your entry in the Collaborative Dictionary. Suggest or Ask for translation/definition.

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They let the text itself reveal what the writer is revealing to the reader. By doing this, we don’t read anything into Scripture that wasn’t there before, and we study the meaning of the passage that was intended for a specific audience. exegesis: Critical explanation or analysis, especially of a text. Dick had already written more than a million words of personal notes on this topic, he said, notes he referred to as his "exegesis" - a word that traditionally means an explanation or interpretation of Scripture.

Quickly and accurately interpret a verse or passage by investigating textual variance, grammatical constructions, syntax, or even a  The word 'exegesis' in English derives from the Greek verb exegeisthai, 'to lead or show the way to; to expound, interpret or explain something', and the Greek  The Topic This dissertation seeks to ascertain the meaning and referent of the “ seed” and its related pronouns in Gen 3:15. The Purpose The meaning and  Aug 24, 2016 Here are five benefits to an exegetical strategy of Bible study. These efforts pervert the meaning of scripture because it ignores the Canon in  This way of reading Scripture has as its goal understanding the meaning of the biblical text for the larger purpose of drawing theological, doctrinal, or homiletical   What is the meaning of exegetic?


Or the Gospel, the word of truth, which has a place there. And particularly that branch of it which proclaims pardon to sensible sinners, and is the ground of hope within them.

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Exegetically meaning

Nearby Words. excused execrable executable executed executive exegetic  Jun 16, 2015 Holton, Michael (2015) "“Exegetical Education": Overcoming Obstacles in a Collaborative Journey Toward.

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Exegetically meaning

Exegetisk. #2.

epexegetically definition in English dictionary, epexegetically meaning, synonyms, see also 'epexegetical',epexegetic',exegetically',epigenetically'.
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(ĕk′sə-jē′sĭs) n. pl. ex·e·ge·ses (-sēz) Critical explanation or analysis, especially of a text.

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exegetically (English)Adverb exegetically (comparative more exegetically, superlative most exegetically). in an exegetical manner; 1902, Rush Rhees, The Life of Jesus of Nazareth: "Critically more trustworthy, and exegetically very valuable, is Bernhard Weiss, Das Leben Jesu (3d ed. 1889, 2 vols.), translated from the first ed.,The Life of Christ (1883, 3 vols.)" exegetic. , exegetical.